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In the Attack Hole io game, your objective is straightforward. The clock is ticking with a distinct 'tik tok' sound effect. Can you successfully consume all the objects in the hall and descend them into the hole before time runs out? This popular black hole game will put your skills to the test.
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Mar 31, 2023
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Can you strategically manouver the black hole to consume all the weapons in the Attack Hole io game, like a skilled hoard master? Your mission is to descend all the arms into the hole before time runs out in this popular black hole game.

Select your desired black hole skin and enter a hall filled with weapons and bullet stacks, ready for you to clear out like in those satisfying eating games! By swallowing the entire io weapon, you will increase your power to confront and obliterate the giant enemy, who serves as the black hole hero attacker in this arcade hole io game.

As you progress, you will encounter bigger weapons that require a larger attacking black hole to devour even the largest guns, bombs, and bullet stacks. Your ultimate goal is to eat all the arms, down the hole, in the whole io eating game!

The black hole cuts and eats all the weapons and bullet stacks, taking them down the hole. In the end, you will use all the weapons you gathered to battle and destroy the giant enemy in the chaotic arcade hole io game. Become the black hole hero, devouring and swallowing the whole io weapons in the hall!

Can you defeat the giant enemy with all the arms you consumed down the hole in this exciting black hole game? Be the black hole hero attacker in the immense hall of bullets and swallow them all down the arcade hole io!

Begin playing Attack Hole now and put your skills to the test!

What's new

- Bug fixes and improvements