Golden Thread Tarot


The creators of Golden Thread Tarot offer a contemporary perspective on an age-old practice. They believe that tarot is not a tool for predicting a predetermined future, but a means of gaining insight into oneself and making more informed choices.
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Labyrinthos Academy
Oct 14, 2017
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The Golden Thread Tarot is a contemporary take on an age-old practice. We believe that tarot isn’t about revealing an unchangeable future, but rather empowering you with self-knowledge to make better choices.

Here are the key features of the app:

1. Tarot Database – Easily sort and search through a comprehensive database of tarot cards, complete with detailed information about their meanings, keywords, suits, and numbers.

2. Guided Readings – Use digital or physical cards to ask and reflect on your questions.

3. Log Your Readings – Keep track of your card readings and record how you felt about them. This way, you can identify patterns and build a database of your thoughts and feelings.

4. Illustrated Lessons – Our app makes learning the fundamentals of tarot easy with beautifully illustrated lessons.

5. Your Mirror – As you log your readings, our app stores and analyzes your data, allowing you to easily recognize patterns and gain deeper insights into yourself.

What's new

Bugfixes: Dates in logs, small screen sizes can't move past on boarding, emotions no longer cutoff in daily readings, added emotions on user request, typo fixes, shuffle timer