Idle Mafia – Tycoon Manager


Take control of nefarious enterprises, recruit skilled Capos to execute your commands, and expand your influence by any means possible.
4.6/5 Votes: 236,686
Century Games Pte. Ltd.
May 3, 2023
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Prepare yourself for an immersive Idle Mafia simulation game!

Take charge of sinister enterprises, recruit talented Capos to execute your commands, and seize new territories by any means necessary.

– Exercise your autonomy: demand protection fees, rob anyone, brawl on the streets… Rule with a benevolent hand or reign as a ruthless crime kingpin. The choice of who and what to steal is yours!
– Make a fortune: establish casinos, gentlemen’s clubs, or even an adult entertainment empire! Running cash businesses is vital to keeping things running smoothly.
– Progress from an unknown gang to an international crime syndicate: from pilfering to abducting, nothing is off-limits unless you declare it so.
– Expand your domain: take over streets and cities to construct your own Mafia dynasty. Demolish those who oppose you, and recruit devoted followers to your cause.
– Acquire Capos: notorious criminals from across the globe with unique skills that distinguish them. Whether it’s an army of robotic ninjas or lucha libre accountants, become an unstoppable force!
– Idle Cash: you’re the boss – kick back and relish in your devoted henchmen doing all the dirty work. Every successful fortune has a criminal foundation!

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What's new

- New: Smuggling Dock, take advantage of other's pockets and make a fortune with this new feature! (Unlocked at Rank 24, find in Fight > Smuggling Dock)
- New: Battle Machine, introducing the powerful plus 1 to your arsenal. Dominate your opponents like never before! (Unlocked at Rank 50, find in Office > Workshop)
- New: Machine Fight, enhance your Battle Machine in the playground and become unbeatable in battles! (Unlocked at Rank 50, find in Fight > Machine Fight)