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"Less screen time, more social time" - genuine connections happen in-person. Whether it's dating, friendships, or relationships, our platform is 100% free to use with no restrictions.
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Join Me Tonight
Dec 3, 2020
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The Join Me Tonight app was launched in 2020 as a new platform to meet people in your area. While it’s expanding rapidly, users are encouraged to be patient as the user base grows. The app’s mission is to facilitate genuine connections offline and promote less screen time and more social time. It’s free to use with no restrictions.

One of the app’s features is the ability to browse profiles and find users you’re interested in. When both users “like” each other, a chat window opens. However, the chat window automatically expires after 7 days, saving time and minimising endless back-and-forth texting.

Join Me Tonight was created with the intention of getting users off their smartphones and connecting with others in person. The app provides a safe environment for people with various interests to connect and organise events without spending hours on the app. It’s not just for dating, but also for expanding social circles and organising group events.

The app has several perks, including the ability to create events up to 7 days in advance, choose events within set categories, confirm who pays for an event in advance, and restrict events to public locations. Join Me Tonight requires users to agree to its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

What's new

Now you can browse profiles to find users you are interested in, when both users tap “like”, a chat window open, the caveat is the chat window will automatically expire after 7 days.