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KPass is a superior password manager for Android devices that utilizes KeePass technology.
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Vladimir Skorokhodov
Feb 6, 2023
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KPass, the ultimate KeePass password manager for Android, provides support for reading and modifying KDBX 3 and 4 files. Nowadays, passwords can be more valuable than gold or diamonds. For instance, a bank account password provides access to all the money, while a password for a cloud service grants access to private documents. To prevent unauthorized access, it is essential to generate strong and complex passwords and change them periodically.

KPass ensures the safe storage of your passwords, bank card details, private notes, addresses, and synchronizes them across all your devices, giving you quick access to your essential information and online accounts.


Q: Can I access my database if my fingerprint authentication fails?
A: Yes, you can. Your database is protected by a secret key, which is saved and restored using biometric authentication. If your biometric authentication fails, but you provide the correct credentials, your database will open, but the secret key will not be saved. This scenario is not a security issue.

Q: Is it possible for KPass to steal my passwords or any other sensitive data?
A: No, KPass cannot collect, store, or send any user data. The application does not request network and storage access, and it uses Storage Access Framework, which is a secure and modern native Android method for getting data from content providers like file systems, cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox), FTP clients, etc.

Q: Why isn’t KPass open source, and how can I ensure its security?
A: KPass’s user interface is closed-source and belongs to the product owner. The UI code does not contain any secure-sensitive parts. The engine uses the open-source project gokeepasslib from GitHub, which is reliable and secure.

Q: Why doesn’t KPass’s autofill feature work with some browsers?
A: KPass uses standard Android autofill framework interface, which should work with all applications that support this system framework. However, some applications do not follow this approach, including Google Chrome and all Chromium-based browsers. KPass does not offer any workaround to support specific applications that do not support autofill. If you are unhappy with the app’s performance, you can request a refund from Google Play or contact When Chromium decides to support Android autofill, you can buy the premium version again.

What's new

- Copy and paste feature (by long tap).
- Breadcrumbs in search.
- Remove recent database from list.
- General fixes and optimization.