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Introducing a fresh logic game developed by the creators of the popular free puzzle games Sudoku.com and Nonogram.com. Immerse yourself in thrilling stories accompanied by cross logic puzzles, put your brain to the test, and uncover mysteries!
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Jan 20, 2023
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Introducing a fresh logic game from the creators of the popular Sudoku.com and Nonogram.com free puzzle games. Immerse yourself in thrilling stories filled with cross logic puzzles, stimulate your brain, and unravel mysteries!

This simple yet challenging brain teaser game is designed to improve logical thinking and deductive reasoning skills. Attempt to solve a variety of clever puzzles arranged into themed stories that are sure to entertain. Assist Detective Grapes in solving a necklace heist, help a young couple plan their vacation, or embark on a space exploration adventure. You’ll encounter many mind-bending tales with diverse plots and tricky solutions. If you enjoy solving logic problems, play this captivating game and enjoy hours of entertainment!

How to play a logic puzzle game:
• Every puzzle comprises numerous categories with an equal number of parameters.
• The aim of these brain teasers is to accurately match all parameters in the grid.
• Each parameter can only be matched to one other parameter in each category.
• Solving a logic grid puzzle entails drawing conclusions based on a limited number of clues.
• Read the clues and mark the table appropriately.
• Eliminate incorrect options and add crosses.
• Use reasoning, elimination, and pure logic to fill in the remaining cells and deduce the entire brain puzzle!

What’s included:
• Straightforward logic grid puzzles
• An abundance of free brain-teasing logic riddles to enjoy
• Unique puzzle pages grouped into various entertaining stories for every taste
• Hints to assist you in reaching your goal more quickly
• No time limit, take your time and focus on the details while playing cross logic riddles
• Top-notch quality from a leading puzzle developer!

Give Logic Puzzles a try, exercise your grey matter, and have some fun!

What's new

- Now you can remove ads and enjoy Logic Puzzles with even greater pleasure!

- The game is now available on tablets!

- New languages - Spanish, German and French - now added to Logic Puzzles!

- Performance and stability improvements

We read all your reviews and always try to make the game better. Please leave us some feedback if you love what we do and feel free to suggest any improvements. Play Logic Puzzles, put your gray matter to work, and have fun!