Mr Love: Queen’s Choice


Experience the ultimate romance simulation game with Mr Love: Queen's Choice. Not only can you develop your own career as a media producer, but you also have the unique opportunity to text, chat, and even call the main characters. Build relationships and explore different storylines in this immersive interactive experience. Don't miss your chance to fall in love and make life-changing decisions along the way!
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Aug 18, 2022
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Mr Love: Queen’s Choice offers players the opportunity to embark on a romantic journey with four male characters, immersing themselves in a deep storyline spanning dozens of episodes. Set in a world of superpowers and fantasy, players take on the role of a media producer, developing their career while getting involved in romance, love, mystery, and conflict.

The game offers voice acting in English and Japanese, allowing players to hear their love interests’ voices and choose their preferred type of voice, including soft, husky, lazy, sexy, pure, or deep. The high-quality graphics feature ultra HD pictures, delicate drawings, and CG to capture every unforgettable moment.

The intriguing storyline combines fantasy and romance, unraveling mysterious secrets about the characters’ identities through deep plot and passionate romance simulation. Players can keep in touch with their love interests via messaging, calls, and social media, even running their own production studio, hiring employees, producing TV programs, and dealing with emergencies.

Who will be the player’s soul mate? The game challenges players to get to know their love interests better and discover their true selves as they progress through the episodes.

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