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Numerology assumes that numbers and information derived from your date of birth can provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself, including your talents, virtues, and areas for improvement.
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Apr 15, 2023
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Numerology is a system that uses numbers derived from your date of birth to provide insight into your personality traits, talents, and potential challenges.

The most important element in numerology is your Life Path number, which represents the path you’ll take in this life and the main lesson you’re meant to learn. Your Destiny or Expression number describes your natural talents and potential, while your Soul Urge or Heart’s Desire number reveals your inner needs and urges.

The Attitude number reflects your personality traits, while the Day of Birth number indicates other talents and skills you possess. The Maturity number describes what you can expect later in life, and the Personality number shows how others perceive you.

Numerology also provides guidance through various tools, including the Numeroscope, which offers a forecast of events for a given year, month, or day. Synastry analysis compares the compatibility of partners, whether emotional, work-related, or in friendships. Daily affirmations and crystal recommendations are also included to help raise your energy and provide protection, happiness, abundance, and wisdom.

While Numerology provides valuable insight, it’s up to you to make choices that determine the outcome of your life. The Numerology app generates a free western Pythagorean numerology chart and can be used as a calculator on phones and tablets.

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