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"Game - Periodic Table" is an educational tool designed for a wide audience, including schoolchildren, students, experienced chemists, and individuals interested in expanding their knowledge about our world.
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Sep 5, 2022
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Chemistry, the fundamental natural science that studies the properties of substances and their compounds, is encountered in everyday life.

To make the study of Chemistry simpler and more interesting, a Game was created. “Game – Periodic Table” is designed for schoolchildren, students, experienced chemists, and anyone who wishes to learn more about the world.

The game provides a large amount of information about Chemical Elements, which can be easily memorized thanks to the game’s format. By playing regularly and collecting more Atoms, new games and difficulty levels can be discovered.

The game is also useful for preparing for tests, quizzes, and important exams by playing between studying the main material. The game is under active development, and each update will make it better, more informative, and more interesting.

Users are encouraged to stay tuned for updates and leave feedback to help make the game even better.

What's new

Meet the new archipelago - the Dissolution Table! Memorize the solubility of substances while playing!

Island - restore order. Explore the arrangement of elements in the periodic table interactively.

Other fixes and improvements.