PlantIn: Plant Identification


If someone is unsure about which plant they have, they can take a picture of it, and the service will immediately identify it for them.
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May 5, 2023
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PlantIn offers a variety of features to help gardeners take care of their plants:

– Plant Identification: Users can take a photo of their plant and the app will identify it instantly. Users can also use the extended text search to look for air-cleaning or non-poisonous plants.

– Plant Disease Identifier: The app’s AI-based disease identification algorithm can check plants for problems and offer a cure plan.

– Lightmeter: Users can compare a plant’s light requirements with the lighting they actually have.

– Weed Community: The app offers exclusive guides on weed-related questions, with detailed care information.

– Professional Care Guides: PlantIn’s detailed care guides, made by professionals, offer insight into professional plant care.

– Care Reminders: The app offers a notification system to remind users when their plants need attention.

– Expert Help: Users can ask professional gardeners questions and receive detailed treatment guides.

– Plant Journal: Users can track their plant care and watch their plant change over time with a photo diary.

– Easy and User-Friendly Design: PlantIn’s design is simple and easy to use.

– Step-by-Step Guides: Users can access step-by-step care instructions on how to care for their plants, with advice from top home gardeners.

– Wishlist: Users can add plants they want to purchase to a wishlist.

– All the Info: Users can access all the information they need to care for their plants, including when to water and how to prune.

With PlantIn, users can easily manage their plant care requirements, with features like plant identification, disease identification, and care reminders. The app also offers expert help, a plant journal, and step-by-step guides, with a simple and user-friendly design.

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