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Spectrum News provides an all-in-one destination for local news, weather forecasts, and events to its users. Users can input their location, allowing the platform to personalize their experience with relevant stories and information pertaining to their community.
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Apr 12, 2023
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Spectrum News offers a comprehensive platform for local news, weather forecasts, and events. Users can input their location to personalise their experience with stories and information that is pertinent to their community. The service is available for all Spectrum customers, and non-customers can enjoy free access for 30 days.

Users can access hyperlocal news and weather features including curated news stories by Spectrum News journalists and local partner publications, original reporting, infographics, interactive maps, videos, exclusive series, original local podcasts, and weather forecasts from meteorologists. Users can also subscribe to weather notifications to receive hyperlocal alerts based on their location and stay informed of breaking news and upcoming events in their community.

The platform allows users to follow their interests and browse and follow topics such as local politics, education, transit, health, and more. Users can curate their news experience and view more of what matters to them.

Users can also watch live news from Spectrum News’ portfolio of local news networks. Spectrum News provides TV coverage in various locations including Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York City (NY1 & NY1 Noticias), New York State, North Carolina, Ohio, Central Florida (News 13), Southern California, Tampa (Bay News 9), Texas, and Wisconsin.

Spectrum News values the privacy of its users and provides a link to its privacy policy. Note that the service is not currently available for SMB or enterprise customers or Spectrum customers receiving mobile service only.

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