Stick Hero: Tower Defense


Get ready to become the ultimate stick hero in intense battles! Your mission is to gather your forces, charge up your power, and defeat heavily armed enemies and their giant bosses like Wugy, Mommy, and Bunny. With strategic planning and wise tactics, lead your stickmen to victory and become the last one standing!
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Apr 8, 2023
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Stick War: Hero Tower Defense is a thrilling action-packed arcade game that combines strategy and battle puzzle games. It’s the ultimate stickman game and the best fighting game on Google Play. In this game, you must become the last stick-hero standing in the top battles.

Your goal is to charge power, grow as a warrior, defeat well-armed enemies, and take down their giant bosses like Wugy, Mommy, and Bunny. To achieve this, you must gather your stickmen with a wise strategy and lead them to victory.

This game requires you to think before every drag and drop, calculate every move, and use your brain to strategize your next action to overcome countless obstacles. With its infinite number of levels, attractive and classic stickman theme, heaps of unlockable weapons, and a fast-paced innovative battle system, Stick War: Hero Tower Defense will keep you entertained for hours.

In this strategy role-playing game, you must move your hero wisely to power up, collect loot, kill the giant boss, and save the princess. You can develop mighty heroes by leveling up, upgrading skills, merging them with others, and turning them into legends. With a real strategy and tactics, you can become a legend and build your own beautiful castle.

Join the tower battle now and feel the thrill and excitement of Stick War: Hero Tower Defense.

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