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Tumblr is a platform of pure, effervescent enrichment that embodies the energy of the old internet. It's the home of Reblogs, where you can discover all the art you never knew you needed and indulge in all the fandoms you could wish for. With enough memes to knock out a moderately-sized mammal, you can add to it or simply scroll through and soak up the experience.
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Apr 21, 2023
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Tumblr is a platform that offers pure, effervescent enrichment with old internet energy. It’s the home of the Reblogs and all the art and fandoms you never knew you needed, with enough memes to knock out a moderately-sized mammal. Whether you add to it or scroll through and soak it up, you’re the explorer on this map of weirdness. Welcome to Tumblr, where you can make it yours.

You can enjoy all of the above while on the go, and chances are if you’ve seen it elsewhere, it probably started here. Tumblr is the home of all things weird and wonderful, funny and fascinating with an old-school internet vibe. Your dashboard will become the place to see what you want to see: a chronological tapestry of all the wonderful, nonsensical, fantastical things you like.

Tumblr is a platform for you to discover, express, and enjoy. You can shoot your shot with a photo, a video, or a text post, make an audio post of your ramblings or share your current favorite song via Spotify. The reblog starts conversations, creates jokes, and continues them across the world and over the years. Whatever you choose to send into our effervescent digital ether, know that it can, and will, go anywhere.

Tumblr is the home of fandom, where you can find fanart, read your favorite ficcers from ao3, and discuss the finer points of lore with them. Whether it’s Pokémon, Marvel, Kpop, Supernatural, Minecraft, Star Wars, or Doctor Who, it’s all here. The platform offers a whole world of possibilities for you to curate, create, and share.

If you need a refresher on how all this works or require a little help getting started, head over to tips.tumblr.com, where Cat Frazier of animatedtext.tumblr.com will take you through the finer points of Tumblr etiquette. So sign up, follow some tags, and find your place on the dashboard. You hold the keys to this kingdom, and you can reblog, like, and post to your heart’s content or simply drift through the dream you’ve created for yourself – a chronological dashboard curated by you, for you.

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