With the European Butterfly Monitoring (eBMS) App, you can make a valuable contribution to butterfly conservation efforts by providing critical information on the location and population numbers of different butterfly species found throughout Europe. You can easily contribute by logging butterfly species counts and their precise location information using a dynamic map or GPS acquired route information. Help protect butterfly populations by sharing your observations through this app.
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UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
May 8, 2023
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The decline of insect populations is a growing concern worldwide, and butterflies are among those threatened. The urgent need for better understanding and conservation of this important biodiversity makes the European Butterfly Monitoring (eBMS) App a valuable tool.

With this app, you can contribute to butterfly conservation by providing information on the location and numbers of different species found across Europe. You can easily log your butterfly sightings, along with precise location information via a dynamic map or GPS, and even add photos to support your observations.

This free app ensures that your data is securely stored and available for scientific research, education and conservation efforts. Your sightings will be shared with experts and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) to support wider research efforts.

The eBMS app, called ButterflyCount, is user-friendly and features an offline mode, customized checklists for your country, and the option to share your sightings with others interested in monitoring butterflies. By contributing to ButterflyCount app, you are making a valuable contribution to the conservation of these beautiful and important creatures.

What's new

Fixed Slovenian species common names.
Added Painted Lady survey.
Changed species groups location and functionality.
Updated the species dictionary.
Small bug fixes.