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Fabulous is a self-improvement and mental health platform that empowers users to unlock the power of habits and routines. Initially launched as a habit tracker, Fabulous has evolved to help users prioritize their mental health, build healthy habits, and improve their lives one step at a time. The platform aims to make healthy routines an integral part of users' lives, offering coaching and support to help users achieve their goals.
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Mar 16, 2023
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Fabulous is a routine and self-care app that aims to make healthy routines a part of its user’s lives.

It started as a habit tracker and has since evolved into a self-improvement, coaching, and mental health platform. The app provides its users with a system for their everyday lives, allowing them to build healthy habits, prioritize their mental health, and improve their lives one step at a time.

Fabulous offers users the ability to create healthy habits, focus on deep work, join a community, and learn how to be grateful. It is an all-in-one routine and self-care app that provides a range of features, including daily coachings, a to-do list, journaling, short workouts and breathing exercises, daily affirmations, meditation sessions, a gratitude journal, mental wellbeing monitoring, and a goal-tracker to monitor progress.

The app offers additional features for users who upgrade, such as coaching series on anxiety, self-love, productivity, or depression, unlimited habits for morning and evening routines, new premium journeys for better mental health, self-care, and fitness, and personal one-on-one coaching for better motivation and focus.

The Fabulous app is scientifically proven and recognized by top mental health experts, behavioral scientists, coaches, and its members. The app motivates its users to build a morning routine, learn how to get good sleep, increase energy levels, and improve their mental health through mindfulness.

Users can visit the Fabulous website and click “Contact Us” if they have any questions. With the Fabulous app, users can make each day count and achieve their goals with science-proven features.

What's new

**Live Challenge Hosting**
From healthy eating to getting the best sleep of your life, we created challenges ranging from 5-7 days to help users build the foundation to create real behaviour change.
That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Live Challenge Hosting.
Now, we’re giving you the power to motivate your friends and family by hosting your own live challenge. Inspire them through a broadcast message or send them a gentle nudge. You’re in total control.