Jamie O’Brien: Surf Training


Join expert surfing pro Jamie O'Brien's surf class and improve your surfing skills by learning about the best tides for surfing. Jamie provides expert surfing training to help you become a better surfer, including tips on the best tides for surfing.
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Mar 3, 2023
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Take your surfing skills and goals to new heights with the Jamie O’Brien Surf Training app. Join expert surfing pro Jamie O’Brien, renowned for his experience at Hawaii’s Pipeline, as he provides personalized surf classes, courses, and interactive training lessons to help you become a better surfer.

Key features of the app include:

  1. Surf Classes and Courses: Gain access to a wide range of surf classes and courses designed to improve your surfing skills. Learn from Jamie O’Brien himself, benefiting from his extensive knowledge and expertise.
  2. Finding the Best Tides for Surfing: Discover valuable insights and tips on finding the best tides for optimal surfing conditions. Jamie will guide you on how to make the most of your surf sessions by understanding tides and their impact on the waves.
  3. Interactive Surfing Training Lessons: Engage in interactive training lessons that cover various aspects of surfing, from technique and board control to wave selection and positioning. These lessons are designed to enhance your skills and help you progress as a surfer.
  4. Ask Jamie: Have burning questions about surf training or need specific advice? Ask Jamie directly through the app and get personalized responses to help you reach your surfing goals.
  5. Surf Skate Option: Take your surf training beyond the water with the Surf Skate option. Access content that allows you to continue your expert training at home, honing your skills and techniques even when you’re not in the ocean.
  6. Regularly Updated Content: Stay motivated and inspired with new content added regularly. Benefit from the expertise of other surfing pros like Nathan Florence and Ben Gravy as they share their knowledge and techniques.
  7. Video Shack: Follow Jamie’s latest surfing adventures and vlog content in the Video Shack section. Stay up to date with his experiences and gain insights into the world of professional surfing.

By signing up and actively participating in the app, you’ll also have the opportunity to win exciting prizes such as new surfboards and be the first to know about upcoming competitions and luxury trips.

With Jamie O’Brien: Surf Training, you can learn from one of the world’s best surfers and work towards becoming a pro surfer yourself. Download the app and embark on a journey to achieve your surfing goals with expert training and guidance from Jamie O’Brien.

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