Idle Theme Park Tycoon

Are you ready to manage the most entertaining theme park ever? Take charge and become the wealthiest manager! Begin with a small theme park and work towards its expansion. Open new attractions to create an incredible fun-filled environment where visitors can ride the roller coaster, ferris wheel, log ride and explore the horror house.
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May 8, 2023
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Are you ready to take charge of the funniest theme park ever and become the richest manager?

Begin by building a small theme park and work hard to make it grow. Open new attractions like roller coasters, ferris wheels, log rides and horror houses to create an amazing and fun-filled area for visitors.

Effectively manage the food area and ticket booth to earn money, and expand the theme park to include more exciting rides and facilities. Improve the park with new attractions, marketing campaigns to attract more visitors, and by extending the parking facilities.

Hire security guards to maintain public order and visitor safety, and take visitor feedback into account to continuously improve the theme park experience.

Become a theme park tycoon by hiring new employees, controlling every aspect of the business, and making important decisions to create the best theme park. Build enjoyable rides like ferris wheels, fun houses, horror houses, and huge roller coasters to run the most famous theme park in the world!

Idle Theme Park Tycoon is an easy-to-play, yet challenging game that is perfect for management and idle game enthusiasts. Save your progress to the cloud and recover it if you change your device.

Features include different challenges to complete, amazing animations and great 3D graphics, and several rides to choose from. Make important business decisions and transform your small business into the best theme park in the world!

What's new

We're thrilled to bring you our latest game update!
The Fairy Park Event has been revamped to bring you even more excitement. Introducing the new competitive ranking system where you can go head-to-head with other players and win rare rewards such as figurines, boosters and more!
We've also improved the tutorial to make it easier for new players to jump in and enjoy the game.